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As the season approaches, the LS Lacrosse Board wanted to debunk...
Registration Reminder
To all LS Boy’s Youth Lacrosse Families: Registration for...

As the season approaches, the LS Lacrosse Board wanted to debunk three myths:

Myth 1:  If your son has not started playing lacrosse by 1st or 2nd grade, then it is too late for him to play.

Facts:  Putting aside how silly that statement is on its face, the reality is that kids start playing at all ages.  Kids play for a variety of reasons.  They enjoy the physical activity required of lacrosse.  Unlike some other sports, lacrosse is a sport where kids have to run and can be physical.  They like being with their friends.  They like being part of a team.  No young child (or parent) should think they cannot play because some other kids know how to throw and catch better than them.  This is not hockey where you need to learn how to skate.  Every boy knows how to run.  Kids can learn to throw and catch.  It’s not rocket science.

Myth 2:  If you do not play club lacrosse, then it is not worth playing town lacrosse.

Facts:  Put simply, why?  Is a kid really worried about making the high school team or playing in college when he is a 10-year old.  Of course not.  Kids play because they enjoy the game and want to be with their friends.  Play club, don’t play club.  It’s all the same as far as LS Lacrosse is concerned.  We have a great program for kids of all ages and abilities.  Learn the game, get exercise, play with  friends.  You can play LS Lacrosse without playing club and still have a great time and develop to your full ability.  Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.

Myth 3:  Your son needs to specialize in a single sport.

Facts:  Study after study shows that specialization at a young age leads to overuse injuries and impedes development.  Let kids be kids.  Play multiple sports.  Take a season off.  Develop different skills and have fun. 

Register now for the spring season!

by jill Rizzotti posted 01/13/2019
Registration Reminder

To all LS Boy’s Youth Lacrosse Families:

Registration for 2019 Spring lacrosse programs is now open and will close on September 1st for Grades 5-8.  All players in grades 5-8 must be registered by September 1st to receive their team assignment. Grades 3-4 will close on October 31st. Registration for all other grades will remain open until March.

A $50 late fee will be assessed for any registrations after the deadlines.

Below is the Spring 2019 program tentative outline with Practice Days.  We do try to limit conflicts with other sports and therefore may need to shift the days come the start of the season.

Co-ed Kindergarten

Our first-ever Co-ed Kindergarten program was a big success this past spring with over 60 registered players.  No equipment is necessary – sticks only.  All registered players will receive a reversible pinnie. 

One practice per week at 4:00 pm on Sunday at Haskell field  

1stand 2nd Grade

  • 1st grade – Two practices per week on Thursday and Sunday at 2:00 and opportunity for in-town games.
  • 2nd grade – Two practices per week on Thursday and Sunday at 3:30 and opportunity for in-town games.
  • LS high school players will assist with coaching
  • Some limited number of scrimmages with other towns will be scheduled.

 3rd and 4th Grades

  • Will participate in the Town Pride League (TPL) small ball program
  • Games on Sundays mornings
  • Two practices per week on Wednesday and Friday
  • One weekend Jamboree/Tournament - TBD

 5th Grade 

  • One team playing in the TPL A division and one team playing in the TPL development division
  • Games will be full field on Sundays
  • Two practices per week on Monday and Wednesday

 6th Grade through 8th Grade

  • One team playing in the TPL A division and one team playing in the TPL development division
  • SUNDAY games - there may be some Saturday games
  • Two practices per week
    • 6th grade on Monday and Wednesday
    • 7th grade on Tuesday and Thursday
    • 8th grade on Tuesday and Thursday

 Please see the “Boys Program” Tab on the website for a description of the TPL A and Development Divisions

TOURNAMENTS:  grades 5th through 8th will participate in the following tournaments:

  • Eastern MA A tournament at LS
  • Border War at Loomis Chaffee and/or Southington Jamboree

2019 Cost Structure:

  1. The base cost for all grades will be the same as last year.
  2. Kindergarten: $135
  3. 1st and 2nd grades: $175
  4. 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grades: $325
  5. Note: There will be a $50 late fee assessed for registration entered after September 1, 2018 for grades 5 through 8.
  6. We will be using the same game shorts and reversible that we have had last year.  If you need a new pair of shorts or jersey you will need to order them separately from the on-line store. Please remember that your uniform consists of BOTH the shorts and jersey.
  7. All new players will receive a uniform with their registration.
  8. All registration forms for all grade levels will continue to have their US Lacrosse membership registration or renewals integrated into the LS Lax registration process.  If you need to register for US Lacrosse for the first time or If you need to renew your US Lacrosse membership to cover the LS Lax spring season, you will need to pay US Lacrosse separately.

The above cost structures include everything associated with supporting each individual team. Their tournaments, coaching, league schedules, coach’s gifts, and any other miscellaneous expenses associated with the season.

****** If you want a new pair of shorts or a new reversible jersey you need to purchase them separately from the on-line store. ******

Go to www.SudburyLacrosse.com to register today!!



by posted 07/17/2018
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